Clinical Observation

The Bachelor of Health Science registers you for your Clinical Observation credits. To be registered, you must submit the following forms to your BHS Academic record   All three required documents must be uploaded for you to be registered.

  • Contractual Agreement for Course Completion

  • Site Form

  • A signed letter from the Site on their letterhead

After the forms are uploaded you must notify the BHS staff by completing the following:

Notification of Clinical Observation Upload to BHS Academic Record

Upon completion of your Clinical Observation please also upload to your BHS Academic Record the following:

  • Hours Log

Examples of Clinical Observation documents:

3801 Syllabus

Course Syllabus

Contractual Pic

Contractual Agreement

Site Form Pic

Site Form

Letter Pic

Example Signed Letter

Log Hours Pic

Hours Log

Evaluation Form Pic

Site Supervisor Eval