In addition to the immunizations required by the University of Florida and as a part of your admission to the junior year in PHHP, the following ADDITIONAL records must be recorded at the SHCC.  You must have documentation of varicella (chicken pox) vaccination or a positive titer test, a TB test, and up-to-date immunizations.

You can choose to have these procedures done at the Student Health Care Center here at UF or print a copy of the UF Mandatory Immunization Health History Form to bring to your physician and have them record your TB and Varicella information.  This form needs to be faxed to the SHHC.

All immunization forms and associated documentation must be sent directly to the Student Health Care Center.

  •  Varicella (chicken pox) Vaccination

If the original immunization form you turned into the Student Health Care Center (SHCC) did not include documentation of the Varicella vaccination (chicken pox), you can satisfy the Varicella vaccination or immunity requirement by providing documentation of one of the following on the proper form to the Student Health Care Center. Do not send the form to the college.

  1. Documentation of varicella (chicken pox) vaccination.  This is a two part vaccination. Both doses need to be recorded on your form.
  2. Positive titer test  (this will show your immunity because you had chicken pox),

Note: It is possible to have had such a mild case of chicken pox that your titer test will show have a low immunity against the chicken pox virus.  If this is the case we require you be  vaccinated for the chicken pox.

  •  Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Test

A negative TB Skin Test (or chest x-ray if the TB test is positive) taken after 6/1/14.  Both Shands Student Health Care and the SHCC on Fletcher Drive administer the TB Skin Test every weekday but Thursday.

If you receive a TB Skin Test through Shands Volunteer Services, you must ask for a printout to provide to the SHCC.    The TB Skin Test is required each year of the program and must be documented on the UF Mandatory Immunization Health History Form .  If your TB Skin Test is administered by an outside health care facility, you must take the SHCC mandatory form with you to document the results.


  Your admission to the BHS program will be rescinded if you do not meet the deadline.