Applying to the BHS Program



What are the minimum requirements I need to apply to the BHS program?

To apply to the BHS program, you must have
(1) A minimum 3.0 overall GPA,
(2) A minimum 3.0 prerequisite GPA, with a “C” or better in all prerequisite courses,
(3) Completed a large majority of prerequisite courses before you apply,
(4) 60 credits and all general education and writing requirements met by the end of the Sophomore year

It is important to note that meeting the minimum GPA requirements does not guarantee you are accepted into the BHS program. Competitive applicants average a 3.5 or higher overall and prerequisite GPA.


What are the prerequisite courses I need?

Prerequisite courses vary depend on the track you are applying to. Please click on the appropriate pdf file below to see the different prerequisites for the various BHS tracks. It is important to note that transfer applicants who have not completed all prerequisite courses at the time of their application, must send UF updated transcripts that once those prerequisite courses are complete and/or when their AA degree is earned. If your school does not offer the course as listed in the Transfer Student Prerequisites table, please use the Course Equivalencies link to view the equivalent courses offered by other Florida colleges and universities.

Native Student Prerequisities

UF Student Prerequisites

Transfer Student Prerequisities

Transfer Student Prerequisites








Course Equivalencies

If you have a question about course equivalencies, please contact a PHHP advisor at



What does “limited access” mean?

Limited access means that the program has a limited number of seats available to students. As a result, all students must apply to enter the BHS program in their junior year. While each applicant who has met the minimum requirements to apply will be reviewed on a case by case basis, the typical accepted student has a 3.5 overall and prerequisite GPA, has completed a large majority of their prerequisite courses, is involved on campus or in the community, has volunteered in a health professions setting, and clearly articulates why he or she is interested in the health professions as well as can candidly discuss their strengths and weaknesses.



What does it mean to be placed on the waitlist?

The BHS program uses the Waitlist designation for two purposes. First, being placed on the waitlist can mean that we are enthusiastic about you as an applicant but we need more information before a final decision can be made. Because the application is in early spring semester of the sophomore year, some applicants may be enrolled in or not yet taken some prerequisite courses when they submit their application. Therefore we wait until more information can be gathered before making a decision. Second, applicants may be placed on the waitlist when they are applicants of promise however we are limited in space. While students who are accepted to the BHS program rarely decline their offer, program spaces do occasionally open up for students on this type of waitlist.



What applications do I need complete to be considered for the BHS program?

Current UF students simply need to apply to the BHS application found on our website.

Transfer applicants, whether from a state/community college or another University, must apply to both the University of Florida application and the BHS application.

The BHS application typically opens in November and remains open through February 1, the application deadline.



If I have completed the 24,000-word writing requirement, am I still required to take ENC 3453 or ENC 2210?



Both ENC3453 and ENC2210 are full. Are there any other courses I can take to satisfy the advanced writing requirement?

Yes. We will also accept one of the following: ENC2305, ENC3250, ENC3254, ENC3464, ENC3459, and AEC3033C. If you have a question about a course that isn’t listed here, please check with a PHHP advisor to see if it would be an acceptable substitute.



Can I use AP/IB/AICE/DE credit to satisfy any of the prerequisite courses?

Yes, you can use AP/IB/AICE/DE credit for any BHS prerequisite course.



I earned AP/IB/DE credit for several pre-professional prerequisites (these are prerequisites you need for graduate school such as medical school, doctorate of physical therapy, or PA school), will that credit remain or will I have to retake my math and/or science courses?

Students with prerequisite math and science courses completed are encouraged to retake these courses at UF. At minimum, retake the highest level of the course sequence that is available. However, the need to retake courses depends greatly on the professional program of interest. Many graduate programs will not accept AP/IB/DE credit to satisfy their prerequisite courses.



When is the application deadline?

February 1st for both Summer B and Fall admissions. The BHS program admits only for Summer B and Fall; there is no Spring term start.



What if I miss the application deadline?

If you miss the application deadline we will review late applications on a case-by-case basis but typically the class is filled by students meeting the application deadline.



What if I am not admitted to the Bachelor of Health Science program?

We strongly encourage you to have a back-up plan; if you are not admitted into the program you are required to select another major/program of study. Current UF students are expected to track for a backup major (often determined by your career goals). Transfer students are strongly encouraged to apply to other schools that offer their major of choice.



How long after the application deadline will I know whether I am accepted into the program?

Students are typically notified of admissions decisions within three months, with most decisions being released in mid to late April. However, there are a variety of factors that affect the timing of notifications. For example, it is common for us to hold a large number of applications until spring grades are available.



I had a bad first semester. Do I have any chance of being admitted?

Although you are expected to meet the minimal GPA requirements, there are choices you can make to strengthen your application. If you did poorly in a course or courses that you normally are strong in, take a more advanced course or courses to show you can do the work. The admissions committee does take into account your pattern of performance over time.



I have had recent medical or interpersonal issues that have affected my academic performance. Will my recent poor performance ruin my chances of being considered?

If there is something you think it would be helpful for the admissions committee to know, then include an explanation with your application. They will consider that information in the context of the consistency of your performance in different semesters. If you are having medical or interpersonal issues affecting your academic performance, the most important thing you can do is get the right help. Be responsible and ensure you are addressing the issues creating the academic concerns. In addition, sometimes students have learning disabilities that are not diagnosed until college. If you suspect this might be part of any academic struggles, consult the Disability Resources Center.



I have another question about the Health Science major at UF that isn’t answered here. Who can I contact?

Please contact if you have a question about the Health Science major.