Student Spotlight: Shelby Shriver

Published: May 8th, 2018

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Shelby ShriverHey, Everyone! My name is Shelby Shriver and I’m an upcoming senior (scary) in the Bachelor of Health Science program on the pre-physical therapy track! I’m from Ocala, Florida, and before you ask, no, I don’t own a horse. After graduation, I plan to get my Doctor of Physical Therapy and hope to someday have my own outpatient clinic.

Shelby ShriverGrowing up I always knew that my heart belonged to the University of Florida. I have pictures of me as a toddler wearing a UF football helmet or carrying around orange and blue pom-poms. So, it was extremely easy saying yes to UF as soon as I received my acceptance letter. Plus, my family might have disowned me if I had gone to FSU. This university may seem very large, but I found so many amazing programs and organizations that made it seem a lot smaller.

Shelby representing Dance MarathonI am blessed to be a part of an amazing organization called Dance Marathon, the largest student run philanthropy in the Southeast. We pride ourselves on raising money for Children’s Miracle Network and UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital. These last two years I have been a Merchandise captain for DM. I Shelby posing with friends "for the kids"basically help design, create, and sell all of the DM merch and I love seeing people walk around campus with it. My freshman year I was a dancer for the cause, which means I stood for 26.2 hours for all of the kids who can’t themselves. Let me tell ya, it’s no joke standing up for that long. Especially after having knee surgery a few months prior.

I never thought I would be thankful for my knee surgery, but it is actually what led me to physical therapy and the BHS program. Needing rehab for my knee in the months before my freshman year began really solidified my decision to want to be a physical therapist. Without that decision being made, I never would have wanted to be a Health Science major and I never would have gotten to meet my amazing friends that I now get to take all of my classes with. I also never would have had the chance to shadow amazing Physical Therapists in the Gainesville area who have taught me what it truly means to be a professional in this field. This program’s amazing directors and advisors have helped me through any and every situation I may have faced, and I can’t be more thankful for all of them.

I love giving back to the program by being involved in some of its organizations. For example, I am a mentor for LEAP, which is a mentorship program where I can aid an underclassman with their schedule and help them with any questions they may have in getting ready for applying to the BHS program. I am also newly an ambassador for the College of Public Health and Health Professions, so I am looking forward to starting that in the Fall!

Shelby and FriendsIn my free time I love to hang out with my friends by getting Cold Stone ice cream and spending an unhealthy amount of time at the movie theater (my Regal Crown Club app says I’ve been 51 times in the last 365 days). I also have the opportunity to study abroad in Italy this summer with one of my best friends and I am so psyched about it. I am incredibly thankful for everything right now and I can’t wait to start my last year of undergrad at the best University and see where it takes me!