Student Spotlight: Gabriella Armstrong

Published: January 3rd, 2017

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Hi! My name is Gabriella Armstrong, I am a third year student on the General Health Science, pre – medicine track. I remember in my junior year of high school when it was time to start thinking about college, my very first thought was “I want to go to the best school in Florida”, so it is no surprise I chose to be a part of the Gator nation.  For the first two years of college, I was on the pre – physician assistant track, for certain that was my end goal. I was fortunate enough to get a job at Shands Teaching Hospital as a technician in the Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit to obtain my patient contact experience for physician assistant school. It took all but a month to change my mind and pursue something slightly different. After immersing myself in the medical world and seeing the ins and outs; I decided I wanted to pursue a career as a physician. I love my job and everything about it including patient care, their families, the teamwork and especially the unwavering dedication to the patients. Every single shift I go to, I leave with more experience and knowledge.  One of the most valuable things I gain from my job is that I am able to see both the good and bad and have the opportunity to grow from both types of experiences. It truly is an extraordinary world; for anyone wanting to pursue anything in medicine, I would highly recommend getting first-hand experience. I become more confident in my decision to pursue a career as a physician every time I go to work.

As far as what kind of physician I want to be, since I do work in cardiology, it does have my heart (ha ha) at the moment but I am keeping my options open. Besides from working my part -time job at the hospital, I am a delegate for the College of Public Health and Health Professions Dance Marathon team, serve as a mentor to two incredible mentees in the L.E.A.P program, and I am a member of both the Health Science Student Organization and the Red Cross Gators on our very own campus. Through L.E.A.P, I’m able to develop my professional skills and offer advice to underclassmen who may have the same questions I did when I was in their position. As a delegate for Dance Marathon, I serve as a representative of the College of Public Health and Health Professions team, and one of my main responsibilities is to motivate my team members which I love doing because it’s such positive energy all around; nothing is impossible in that environment. H.S.S.O. and Red Cross Gators allow me to volunteer throughout the community such as Balance 180 and Stomp the Swamp. Any down time that I have, I love to hang out with friends and to do anything outdoors, with my favorites being beach volleyball and soccer. I am a huge history buff, particularly American history, so watching documentaries or taking extra classes on the topic isn’t uncommon!