Student Spotlight: Brendon Jonassaint

Published: April 1st, 2016

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HeadshotMy involvement began with the Dean of Students Office and extends to Student Government. I became a Preview Staffer because I knew of the impact they had on not only the University but all of the incoming students. I was able to serve my students as a Preview Staffer by making sure I was always open, approachable, truthful, and relatable. My feedback numbers showed that I was as able to reach most of my students and be an integral part to their first experience as a University of Florida student. I still maintain a great relationship with most of my students. Serving as a Preview Staffer after only completing my freshman year was a very transformative experience. The growth that I have experienced professionally and personally because of Preview is insurmountable. I am very blessed to have been chosen to return to Preview as a Coordinator where I can not only further my development but more importantly help the new staffers develop and become better leaders on this campus. The common theme behind everything I mentioned was the interaction with people. I have a genuine interest and gift for interacting with people and lending a helping hand.

In a little bit over a year, I plan to graduate with a Bachelor in Health Science. Afterwards, I intend to pursue to graduate school for my Masters in Health Policy and Management. I want to be the Chief Executive Officer of a hospital. This past fall semester I had family members who had to spend a lot of time in hospitals and different care units. The culture of these places were not up to the standard of excellence I was accustomed to. Seeing this fueled my passion to become a Health Administrator.

Growing up in a family where both of my parents are immigrants from Haiti who were both able to graduate from the University of Florida and eventually pursue other post-graduate degrees, hard work was something instilled within me at an early age. My parents were not able to get involved while in school because they could not afford to, they had to work multiple jobs to pay for school, and my mother was pregnant with me. My parents told me when I came to UF that grades were most important. However, they also encouraged me to get involved and do everything that they did not have the opportunity to do. My parents are my inspiration. They drive me to succeed and work hard to get and keep everything I have. My parents and my sister are my biggest inspiration. The motto of the University of Florida is translated to “The welfare of the state depends upon the morals of its citizens”. I work to carry out these principles as a student and the Student Body Vice President of the University of Florida with each and every day.