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Health Professions College Council (HPCC)

The College Council is the primary student organization in the College of Public Health and Health Professions at the University of Florida. The purpose of the Council is to promote an interdisciplinary approach to health services, enhance community awareness regarding the different professions within the College, and organize and participate in community service projects. Money raised by the Council supports charitable organizations consistent with the College of Public Health and Health Professions’ mission, student education, and future Council projects. The Council works directly with a faculty advisor and Associate Dean of the College and represents students across the College.


IMG_3494HPCC President:   Erica Poulin

Erika is a third year student majoring in Health Science (Pre-Occupational Therapy). As HPCC President, Erica serves as the general coordinator of all HPCC activities. Erica works with the HPCC E-Board and faculty advisor to make sure that the council remains focused on semester goals, plans, and events. Erica serves as the general representative for HPCC in most college affairs. After graduation, Erica hopes to on attend the University of Florida graduate program to earn her masters in occupational therapy.


Vice President:  Kailee Kovacs

Kailee is a fourth year student majoring in Health Science (Public Physical Therapy). As HPCC Vice-President, Kailee acts as Director of HPCC Programs and events. Kailee assists the President in all matters of HPCC and will assume the President’s duties in his/her absence. After graduation, Kailee plans on attending graduate school to earn her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree.



IMG_2068Treasurer – Ralph Lamonge

Ralph is a third year student majoring in Health Science (Pre-Medicine). As HPCC Treasurer, Ralph is responsible for managing the finances, and the budget of HPCC, and reporting these to the voting body. Ralph is the primary representative for HPCC at all Board of College Council (BOCC) meetings and is the main contact within the council for any assistance or information regarding SG funding. After graduation, Ralph plans on attending medical school and aspires to pursue a career in academic medicine.


Secretary – Courtney Maines

Courtney is a fourth year student majoring in Health Science (Pre-Occupational Therapy). As HPCC Secretary, Courtney is responsible for notifying the general body of HPCC meetings, providing minutes, assisting in HPCC correspondence, recording attendance, and providing other administrative assistance to the Executive Board as needed. After graduating, Courtney plans on attending Occupational Therapy school and hopes to use the profession to serve underserved populations.


IMG_2075Public Relations – Betsy Jean-Baptiste

Betsy is a third year student majoring in Health Education (Pre-Med). As HPCC Public Relations Chair, Betsy is responsible for accessing and procuring publicity for HPCC events and college activities. Betsy works with the faculty advisor to ensure college guidelines are followed regarding all public relations. Betsy also communicates with representatives from HPCC sub-organizations in order to inform them of HPCC meetings, events, and other important information. After graduation, Betsy plans on going to medical school to become an Anesthesiologist.


Service Chair – Melissa Ray

Melissa is a third year student majoring in Health Science (Pre-Physicians Assistant). As HPCC Socials Chair, Melissa is responsible for organizing events of HPCC members and sub-organizations to ensure positive relationships and maintain a unified council. These events will include all service, fundraising, and social activities that the council participates in. After graduation, Melissa plans on attending a physicians assistant graduate program and eventually join the health care field as a PA.


Historian – Payton Sims

Payton is a third year student majoring in Health Science (Pre-Physical Therapy). As HPCC Historian, Payton is responsible for documenting the activities and events of the council through photography of organization activities. Payton regularly attends HPCC meetings, projects, and socials and is required to compile a group of photographs and/or videos in a presentable format using scrapbooking or social media during her active time in office. After graduation, Payton plans on attending graduate school to receive her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree.

Members at Large

IMG_2091Top row (left to right): Michael Irvin, Payton Sims, Erica Poulin, Kailee Kovacs, Ralph Lamonge, Courtney Maines
Bottom row (left to right): Melissa Ray, Betsy Jean-Baptiste, Alexis Tellis

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