Student Spotlight: Madison Carter

Published: December 14th, 2015

Category: Student Spotlight

Carter1My name is Madison Carter, and I am currently a junior in the Health Science track within the college of Public Health and Health Professions. I am a transfer student, who previously attended Chipola College. I felt that my community college served as a needed transition from high school to the university setting. After completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Florida, I plan to attend a Doctor of Physical Therapy program and practice as a licensed DPT.

Although I am a transfer student, this has not stopped me from jumping right in when considering extracurricular activities through the university. I am a member of the School Health Disciplinary Program (SHIP). This program targets children in the Gainesville community who may be less fortunate. As a SHIP member, I spend one afternoon a week at a local elementary school teaching children about health, hygiene, and exercise. Additionally, I serve as a student volunteer at Shands Hospital where I help with cleaning and organizing while being given the opportunity to closely observe physical therapists. As a member of the L.E.A.P program through the College of Public Health and Health Professions, I mentee an awesome freshman, aiding in her educational experiences. Furthermore, I am a member of Omega Phi Alpha service sorority. This sorority has given me the opportunity to serve others both in the Gainesville community and around the world.

When I am not busy with school assignments or these activities, I enjoy traveling back home to my small town in the Florida panhandle. While there, I relish every second with my wonderful family and close friends. We delight in spending time at our lake house tubing, swimming, and relaxing. I also enjoy frequent trips to the beach during the summer.

Carter2Many times I have been asked, “Why do you want to be physical therapist?” Usually, I am tempted to answer with the most obvious, I want to help people. But, the truth is, when I was younger I aspired to become a medical doctor. As I aged, I realized I did not want the gory aspects that many medical doctors face. But, I was drawn to the idea of helping people get better. During high school, I decided to volunteer every day at a local outpatient physical therapy clinic. It was there where my career path was confirmed. I knew I wanted to be the one to aid in others healing process. I want to see the progression my patients will make towards a physically and emotionally healthier individual. I find power in healing people with my own hands, sharing acquired knowledge, and practicing learned exercises.

For these reasons, I know what my career path in life is and I could not have chosen a better group of individuals than those at the University of Florida to prepare me for this. Each day, I look forward to attending classes. Each day, I learn something that will not just help me pass an exam, but help me mend my future patients. Each day, I am surrounded by upbeat professional teachers and students who share my same passion in the health care field. As simple as it is, we all want to help others.